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roXiva Innovations RX1 light meditation lamp is an audio-visual brainwave entrainment device that uses stroboscopic LED light technology to guide the brain to deep states of meditation and restoration. Viewed through closed eyes, the lamp uses the natural ability of the brain to follow and synchronize with light frequencies to take you to deep relaxed states in minutes.


The RX1 includes a vast and always expanding range of sessions offering benefits such as: deep meditation and hypnotherapy, reduced stress, anxiety relief, improved sleep quality, elevation of mood, motivation and wellbeing, learning and memory, consciousness exploration, creative visualisation, and recreational drug free psychedelic journeys. You also have access to a session editor to create your own light and sound sessions. 


The RX1 is packed with technology and features, which are updated through routine software updates to keep it current and ahead of the competition. 


External ports provide connection for Ethernet, Audio, USB and power. Tripod connection point is based upon the industry standard 1/4″ 20UNC mount type, enabling you to select from a range of off-the-shelf tripod solutions.


Includes lamp, carrying case, and power supply. The power supply unit provided will operate in all geographies due to its flexible input specification of 100-264V AC 50-60Hz. A single mains lead is provided to support differing geographic requirements; UK, EU, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia and others.


Customer support available from Rising Light, with additional technical support available from roXiva Innovations. 


Price includes priority shipping and insurance in the US and sales tax, courtesy of Rising Light.


Product available for US customers only. I can refer international customers to other distributors. 


Questions? Get in touch!


Disclaimer - roXiva’s RX1 is for users in good general health, interested in potentially improving their general wellness. It is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

roXiva RX1 Light Meditation Lamp



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