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Integrated Wellness Services

Healing is a return to your natural state of balance, harmony, and wholeness. Balance means that you are in a relaxed state of inner peace, contentment, and vitality, where there is the free flow of energy throughout your body. This free flow of energy allows for the optimal functioning of your physical and energetic systems, which means you will feel better in body, mind, and spirit. 

Integrated wellness treats the primary causes of distress, dysfunction, and disease by rebalancing and recharging your vital energetic systems, creating health at the highest levels.

The cornerstone of integrated wellness is correcting for and letting go of the things that throw us off balance and stifle the flow of energy through our bodies, starting with how we talk to ourselves about ourselves and what we believe to be true about the world.


This is where we see the positive value of transformational coaching as a healing art. Transformational coaching connects you to who and what you really are and empowers you to make the changes that will create a life you love. It addresses the:

  • Mental body by elevating your perspective above what is challenging, limiting, and intimidating you;

  • Emotional body by helping to see what has caused you emotional pain in a more neutral way and healing it; and

  • Energetic body by enhancing the awareness of how you are feeling in the moment so you can course-correct.


Transformational coaching also teaches you how to maintain higher consciousness living. Thus, we heal not only to be healthy but to reach our highest potential.


Other modalities include light and sound therapy for brain balancing and neural reset, relaxation and restoration, and insight through opening to the energies of your higher self. 


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Transformational Coaching

Shift to a new way of thinking and being that creates a balanced and inspired life rich in peace, fulfillment, and joy. Go on a journey that takes you beyond the edge of your current thinking to clarify your passion and vision, identify and let go of old patterns and fears that hold you back, and take deliberate action toward your goals and dreams.

Learn more by clicking HERE.


Psychedelic Light Therapy

Healing light and sound frequencies gently guide the brain to deep meditative brainwave states like alpha and theta where restoration, release, and clarity are more accessible. The lights balance your brain, promoting whole-brain functioning and heart-brain coherence, while also opening channels to your subconscious, allowing for deeper awareness and spiritual insight.

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Healing Hands

High Frequency Healing

An immersive experience using gentle touch, activating sound, and loving guidance to restore balance to your energetic fields, resulting in the release of mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that keep you from your natural state of wellness and joy. Receive a boost to stimulate bioenergetic functions and amplify your body's amazing healing powers. Learn more in the FAQs below.

Visit the events page for future group light events. Contact me if interested in a private session.

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