Integrated Wellness Services

Healing is a return to your natural state of balance, harmony, and wholeness.

Integrated wellness treats the primary causes of distress, dysfunction, and disease by rebalancing and recharging your vital energetic systems, creating health at the highest levels.

My signature Integrated Wellness session, High Frequency Healing, is an invitation to profoundly positive mental, emotional, and physical shifts.

Every session begins with a compassionate consultation to get a picture of what is going on and set an intention for what to heal. Each dynamic energy healing session is intuitively designed for you and typically includes:

  • Aromatherapy to open and cleanse the aura

  • Tones and sound to realign and activate the energetic field

  • Chakra clearing, charging, and balancing for free energy flow

  • Therapeutic touch to calm, soothe, and infuse the body with light

  • Higher dimensional messages and guidance to help you shift

This multidimensional, energetic experience offers the opportunity to ground, clear, and come back to a balanced state of peace, love, and joy.

Not only does this state resolve the conditions that can lead to illness and disease, but it makes all of your energy available for the creation

of your heart's deepest desires.


Thus, we heal not only to be healthy but to reach our highest potential.

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Healing Hands

High Frequency Healing

An immersive experience using gentle touch, activating sound, and loving guidance to restore balance to your energetic fields, resulting in the release of mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that keep you from your natural state of wellness and joy. Receive a boost to stimulate bioenergetic functions and amplify your body's amazing healing powers. Learn more in the FAQs below.


Light Meditation Therapy

Healing light and sound frequencies gently guide the brain to deep meditative brainwave states like alpha and theta where restoration, release, and clarity are more accessible. The lights balance your brain, promoting whole-brain functioning and heart-brain coherence, while also opening channels to your subconscious, allowing for deeper awareness and spiritual insight.

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Transformational Coaching

Shift to a new way of thinking and being that creates a balanced and inspired life rich in peace, fulfillment, and joy. Go on a journey that takes you beyond the edge of your current thinking to clarify your passion and vision, identify and let go of old patterns and fears that hold you back, and take deliberate action toward your goals and dreams.

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Contact me if interested.

Contact me if interested.




Integrated wellness is the return to balance. Balance means that you are in a relaxed state of inner peace, contentment, and vitality, where there is the free flow of energy throughout your body. This free flow of energy allows for the optimal functioning of your physical and energetic systems, which means you will feel better in body, mind, and spirit. 


Said another way, balance is when all of your energy is available for creation. When you are no longer expending energy on what bothers, worries, and ails you, more energy is available not only to heal the body but to create more of what you want. Thus, integrated wellness creates wellbeing at the highest levels, which positively affects all areas of your life. 

Of the sessions offered, transformational coaching provides the greatest potential for lasting change because it creates new ways of thinking and being, based on higher consciousness perspectives, that uplevel your life experience. Coaching targets the root causes of imbalance, namely how we talk to ourselves about ourselves and what we believe to be true about the world. When we transform our thinking and build a solid foundation of understanding and inner peace, there is nothing that can knock us off balance and create the conditions for distress. 


My offerings are designed to be complementary and all serve the same purpose of supporting you in creating a life you love. Someone looking for lasting change and expansive personal growth may choose coaching to provide the time and space to go deep and truly transform their life. Another person may be satisfied with the boost and realignment provided by periodic high frequency healing sessions, which also offer guidance on life issues. Light meditation therapy offers a neural reset to balance and retrain the brain, calm the mind, and tune into your higher self connection. 


High frequency healing is a rebalancing of the energetic body and a reawakening of your innate wisdom and power to heal yourself. What a healer fundamentally does is transmit, direct, and move energy. The healer offers higher frequencies for the client to align to, resulting in a positive vibrational shift to frequencies incompatible with distress and disease. It is like giving the body a note to tune itself to. Healing is the transformation to a new state of being aligned with the truth of who and what you really are as energy with consciousness here having a human experience. Physical health is a by-product of a happy heart and mind.


This healing technique is based on the multidimensional nature of consciousness, as taught in ancient Eastern traditions and brought to the West by people like Dr. Richard Gerber (author of Vibrational Medicine), Martin Brofman (author of Anything Can Be Healed), Dr. Dolores Krieger (author of Therapeutic Touch), Louise Hay, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, among many others. The basic idea is that, as the creators of our reality, a happy, healthy life starts with the beliefs we hold. Those beliefs affect the thoughts we think, which affect the emotions we have, which affect how we feel, and ultimately what shows up in our physical reality. When we let go of our wounds, judgments, and worries, we are giving the body a high frequency it can use for healing and wellbeing. 


Can someone be healed from a single session of high frequency healing? Absolutely. However, a person will be healed to the extent they are ready and willing to be healed and believe that complete healing is possible. Healing becomes absolute when a person releases what was causing the blockages in the first place and is so rooted in their new expression of consciousness that they do not return to the old ways of thinking and being that would re-create the conditions for imbalance.

While individual results depend on the client's receptivity to healing, many clients report leaving a session feeling relaxed, supported, and at ease, with useful insights for them to ponder for further release. High frequency healing sessions can also alleviate physical pain and discomfort and leave them feeling more hopeful about the future. I commit to providing a nourishing, uplifting, and loving space that is safe for people to open up and be honest about what is really getting in the way of their happiness. When I do a session, you have my full attention and intention to be of highest service to you through unconditional love and support. 


All you need to do is relax! You will be seated comfortably in a chair for the duration of the session. We begin with a consultation to review what you would like to heal during that session. This could be a physical, mental, and/or emotional challenge, a situation in your life, or simply a desire for an energetic tune-up. As stated by Martin Brofman, "Anything can be healed." The session begins with affirmations of the intent to heal and a calling-in of guidance and support from the higher realms, including your angels and guides, and those guiding and mentoring me in this work. 

The session unfolds based on what is most responsive to your needs. This typically includes some combination of: aromatherapy; tones and sound (such as through Tibetan healing bowls); chakra clearing, balancing, and charging; laying-on of hands; visualizations and affirmations; deep breathing; light therapy; and channeled messages and guidance to support you and help you see things in a new light. I am communicating with you throughout the entire session and you are encouraged to cry, sing, move your arms, or do whatever will help you release, provided it does not risk harm to yourself or me or interfere with my ability to complete the session. We close with a summary of what was accomplished during the session and any tips to maintain that state of wellness.

I recommend wearing comfortable clothes and avoiding bulky jewelry and overpowering fragrances. You will be asked to remove your shoes and settle in for a relaxing session. 



Transformational coaching is primarily offered online through Zoom. High Frequency Healing and Light Meditation Therapy (where you are under a special lamp) sessions are in-person services, currently taking place in my suite in downtown Ventura, CA. While the energetics of a High Frequency Healing session exist beyond time and space, allowing for remote sessions, I find that therapeutic touch enhances the experience by leveraging the soothing and magnetic power of direct human contact and a sharing of the physical energy field. I also simply resonate with the laying-on of hands as an expression of my care and love and have received positive feedback that touch is a big part of what makes my sessions effective and enjoyable. However, it is possible that I will offer remote sessions in the future. If this interests you, please get in touch. Similarly, if you are interested in a house call or having me as part of your retreat or festival, please reach out. 

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