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Light therapy (also referred to as psychedelic light meditation or brainwave entrainment) is a unique and immersive experience of light, color, and sound designed to awaken and support healing, self-discovery, and deep calm and relaxation. 


Using a cutting-edge pulsing LED light made by roXiva Innovations, healing light and sound frequencies gently guide the brain to deeply meditative brainwave states like alpha and theta where restoration, release, and clarity are more accessible.

The light balances and harmonizes your brain, promoting whole-brain functioning and heart-brain coherence. As a result, this form of light therapy is being explored as treatment for disorders like ADHD, Alzheimer's, and insomnia, as well as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 


This deep meditation can also open channels to your subconscious, allowing for deeper awareness and spiritual insight. Some clients experience psychic visions and receive loving messages from their guides or higher self.

See the FAQs below and check out this 60 second video.

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See where the light can take you as you let your inner artwork come to life through a psychedelic kaleidoscope of patterns and colors seen with closed eyes!  

for relaxation, rejuvenation, and exploration

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Science is starting to recognize the power of light and sound for healing, mental and emotional balance, greater creativity, and improved cognitive functions, among other benefits. In a sense, modern science is just catching up to what our ancestors in shamanic traditions have long understood. Benefits of light meditation sessions vary based on the chosen settings but can include:

  • Deep relaxation and meditation

  • Stress and anxiety relief 

  • Energetic and nervous system recalibration

  • Improved sleep

  • Release of blockages and old trauma and cessation of repetitive thoughts

  • Heightened focus and cognitive performance

  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving

  • Pain relief (especially headaches and PMS) and immune system support

  • Profound spiritual insights and transcendent experiences

While people benefit from a single session, repeated light meditation sessions help your brain form and strengthen new neural pathways, thereby breaking old patterns in favor of positive mental habits, like staying in the flow, approaching life with calm and patience, and becoming more grounded and resilient to challenges. Brainwave entrainment also synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain, creating coherence and balance and supporting whole brain functioning.  




Light meditation sessions are a powerful tool to retrain your brain. Referred to as brainwave entrainment or audio-visual stimulation, sessions use specialized sound and light technology to tune your brainwaves to specific frequencies, and in turn, give you greater control over your mind. Specifically, the wide-spectrum pulsing light acts as an external guide leading the brain into the desired brainwave state, through a process called Frequency Following Response (FFR). For example, the FFR effect of brainwave entrainment can quickly lull your brain into deep trance and meditative states, where healing and rejuvenation can occur. Alternately, the lights can bring your brainwaves to a more active state where concentration, learning, and insight is enhanced. See below for an overview of the characteristics of different brainwave states. 


All frequencies are present in the brain but one or two will be dominant. This dominance is in line with your current mental state of mind. For example, someone who gets stressed a lot is likely to have an excess of higher Beta waves and less of the lower Alpha and Theta waves. Brainwave entrainment seeks to shift this dominant frequency and therefore dominant state of mind.


Any activity or situation where being more relaxed is beneficial, or any activity where being more aware and focused is beneficial, can be enhanced by training the brain through specially designed light activation sessions to more easily get into and maintain a certain frequency of dominant brainwave. Over time, this leads to neuroplasticity (adaptability of neural pathways) and changes to habitual states of mind, making it easier and easier to be in the desired mental state.

The wide-spectrum solid and flickering light enters the body through closed eyes, travels along your optic nerve and into the central brain (where the pineal gland and thalamus are located). As your cells communicate through impulses of light within the fascia, the light spreads through your body.





Yes. Adverse reactions are extremely rare. However, particularly for those with a history of seizures, it is possible (though unlikely) that the strobing/flickering light may trigger a seizure, for the same reasons that some TV shows and movies warn viewers of flash photography or other flashing lights. We ask a series of questions beforehand as part of a standard safety questionnaire to avoid this and try to cover any known possible reason for someone being more likely to have this reaction. For your safety, we reserve the right to deny service to those with epilepsy, recent head or brain injuries, and strokes. Additionally, we ask that you not participate in sessions while under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol as they can overstimulate the nervous system.

You remain in complete control of the session. Your light practitioner will do a short warm-up to monitor your response to the light and adjust settings as appropriate. The practitioner will be with you the whole session and it is always possible to ask for the brightness to be reduced or simply to cover your eyes with your hands or turn away from the light. For added safety, your light practitioner is certified in adult first aid.



There is a wealth of information about brainwave entrainment and the uses and benefits of the roXiva light machine on the roXiva website, as well as other manufacturers like PandoraStar and Lucia No. 3.  Additionally, authors and researchers like Joe Dispenza and Deepak Chopra have written and spoken extensively about manipulating brainwave states to rewire your brain and improve your wellbeing. Finally, there are a number of scientific studies assessing the role of audio-visual stimulation in affecting cognition, as well as potential applications in preventing and mitigating Alzheimer's.


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