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Helping you move beyond the edge of your current thinking
to create a life you love

A little about my journey...

I have been a lot of things in my life, many of which surprise people.

As a wanderlusty teen riding freight trains and screaming in punk bands, I never would have thought I would one day put on a suit and go to work for a big company. Yet, if I had told the #girlboss climbing the corporate ladder that I would leave the career I spent 15+ years building to support others in their spiritual awakening, I might have said, "yeah, right." Though l took some unusual paths, I was doing what lots of people do.


I was searching for what would make me happy.


I looked for people to love me the way I wanted to be loved.

I tried to achieve and accomplish my way into feeling important and worthy.

I sought to manage and control all the variables of my life to feel safe and secure.

I broke away from whatever I thought might confine me.


But nothing could erase the shadow of my lingering disappointment or the fear that I was missing out on the life I was supposed to live. I had all of the ingredients of a successful life but I wasn't happy in the way I wanted to be. 

The Journey Within


Ever the adventurer, I took a journey to find out where I had lost the trail. Only this time,

instead of traveling the globe, I went within. I started asking myself poignant questions like:

Might there be more?

Where is my heart calling me?

What is my happiness worth to me?

But before I could fully contemplate my future, I wanted to understand how I had arrived at

where I was so I didn't end up in the same place again.

What was I believing about myself and the world that had given rise to my past?

With the help of my old diaries (going back to age 7!) and deep introspection, I started to see the patterns I had been living out. The characters were different, the settings changed, and the plots had their own twists, but the storyline was the same. I had been living life from my deepest wounds, not from my worth.


Yet seeing my patterns and the flawed and limited beliefs behind them wasn't enough for me to truly change.

 I also needed to heal the pain, including forgiving myself for the things I had tried to forget.

I needed to make peace with the past so I could stop recreating it.


As I came into deeper truth, I swapped out

condemnation for compassion,

shame for self-love, and

fear for wisdom.

As the past faded away, the pain went with it.

The heaviness lifted, allowing in more light.


Aligning with Truth


But if my old beliefs weren't true, what was? Though I was waking up, I still had so many questions about life and how the universe works. I sought out teachers, mentors, and coaches who could help me see past the edge of my current understanding, much like I now do for others.


They helped me remember the one truth that would transform my life: I am the creator of my own creation.


Once I started aligning my thoughts and choices to that belief, that I could create the life I wanted,

everything radically and positively shifted. 

The more I opened my heart, the more kindness, love, and compassion came back to me.

The more I gave, the more support and community showed up for me.

The more I stayed in the flow, the more synchronicity and signs pointed the way.

The more I embraced my inherent worth, the more opportunities surprised and delighted me.

As my life transformed, I realized why real happiness had been so elusive. 

Happiness and fulfillment come when we know and love ourselves enough to fully shine and follow our dreams.

While it was scary to leave behind the familiar, it's much scarier to think what fear could have cost me had I let it win. 


Now, instead of being anxious about what's ahead, I celebrate the thrill of new potentials and the continuously expanding beauty of life. As I settle into my sanctuary within and heed my heart's call, again and again,

I feel the joy I always wanted, emanating from where it always was: inside of me.

From Corporate to Coach

From that place of joy and freedom, I found the courage to make a series of big changes in my

life, including leaving my marriage, taking an extended road trip and moving states, and

phasing out of my corporate career as a business consultant. With the space I created in my

life, I reconnected with my larger life dreams. One of those was to support people in transforming

their lives, much like I had done. When two friends in the same week asked me, "Have you ever

considered being a coach?" the resounding answer of my heart was "Yes!"

Not long after, I was reading an interview with a woman in a local magazine who mentioned the

Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE). I looked it up and instantly knew it was the right program for me. The coaching model from ACE combines the latest in neuroscience with powerful principles from ancient wisdom teachings. It was a perfect complement to the years of spiritual mentorship and my desire to use what I have learned to be a hand that guides others over the bridge to a more peaceful, joyful, and purpose-driven life.


Want to learn more about how I can support you?

I invite you to contact me for a free exploratory consultation. 

Carolyn Brouillard
Carolyn Brouillard
Carolyn Brouillard

Interested in light & sound immersions at my sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experienced my own profound transformation

  • ​Professionally-trained through ICF-accredited Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE)

  • Practiced in energy healing with emphasis on integrated wellness and vibrational healing

  • Deep understanding of consciousness & metaphysics through 20+ years of study, mentorship, and practice

  • 15+ years getting results in consulting and management roles, including mentoring staff

  • MBA in Strategy and Leadership 

  • Former board member for non-profit committed to skill-building and self-sufficiency for disadvantaged women

Fun Facts

  • Sun in Libra, Moon in Leo, Aquarius Rising

  • Generator in Human Design

  • I'm a twin with a younger set of triplet siblings

  • I've been the to Arctic and Antarctica - polar bears and penguins!

  • Some of my favorite things to do are read, write, cook, hike, and stare at the stars


Carolyn Brouillard is a transformational coach who helps people create a life they love through transforming their thinking and claiming their power. Through intuitive and insightful coaching, she guides them in clarifying what they want, identifying and letting go of old patterns and fears, and writing a new story that allows for their fullest expression and continued expansion. The result is greater self-awareness, self-trust, and self-love that brings them more peace, happiness, and fulfillment. 


Carolyn is a passionate explorer of human potential and a curious student of consciousness, which is a favorite subject of her celebrated personal essays. Following her own transformation, she repurposed the business and consulting skills acquired through a successful 15+ year corporate career to deliver dramatic results quickly to coaching clients hungry for change. She is professionally-trained through the ICF-accredited Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) and committed to creating an uplifting and compassionate space that invites breakthroughs and new ways of thinking and being.

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Carolyn Brouillard

The basis of life is freedom.

The result of life is expansion.

The purpose of life is joy.

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