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Gateway to Growth

Do you feel something stirring within you?

Are you starting to ask questions you've never asked before?

Do you sense there is more to life and to you than you realized?

Gateway to Growth is an introductory 1:1 coaching program for awakening souls who are excited about what is unfolding for them and ready to explore the big questions of life. It offers guidance on fundamental spiritual principles and tools and practices to elevate your perspective and focus your energy where you are most ripe for growth.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Gateway to Growth is a personalized coaching experience that meets you where you are.

Perhaps you feel like what you used to enjoy and want are no longer a good fit.

Perhaps you are having experiences that you can't explain with the rational mind.

Maybe you have gone down lots of rabbit holes and have more questions than when you started.

Maybe you are simply starting to feel different and you wonder what it means.

Wherever you are, I can be there with you.

Gateway to Growth Offers You a Foundation for Continued Exploration

Through six weeks of one-on-one coaching, I will introduce you to fundamental spiritual principles to give you a starting framework with which to see your life (and all of existence) in new ways, allowing space for you to uncover your own truth.


We'll talk about what is coming up for you on the inside and what is showing up in your life on the outside, and what those experiences may be revealing for you. I will share basic skills of introspection and self-discovery, as well as how to receive messages from your support team.


Awakening is a beautiful thing but it can also feel lonely, confusing, and isolating. It is my commitment to you to create a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental space for you to talk about things other people in your life might not understand. 

With me, it is always safe (and fun!) to wake up. 

You will leave our time together with these benefits:

  • A foundational understanding of basic universal principles and a pathway to learn more

  • Deeper knowledge of yourself and appreciation for how powerful you really are

  • Tools, practices, and resources to connect to your inner wisdom and tap into the divine

  • A sense of your major life lessons and emerging opportunities to be your true self

  • Enthusiasm and excitement for who you are becoming


  • 6 - weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with mp3 replays for personalized support

  • 6 - weekly email check-ins to stay connected on what's coming up for you

  • Voice and text support through Voxer


  • Access to recorded 90-min webinar "Fundamentals of Manifestation"

Want to learn more or sign up? Schedule a free consult.

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