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A Guide to the Fifth Dimension

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Why 5D consciousness is the way to a better world

5D friends
Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash. Edited in Canva.

The fifth dimension is more than just the name of the funky band who gave us that Age of Aquarius song. While that song is awesome, the real fifth dimension is going to be even more amazing. 5D represents the next stage in our human evolution, made possible through advancements in consciousness. As we progress, we are leaving behind the heaviness and darkness of our old world and moving into greater love, light, and all the kickass stuff that goes with it, including quicker and easier manifestations.

While the physics of dimensions is complex, the concept of 5D is simple. It is the fuller expression of love. It is the embracing of freedom. It is the knowing of who and what we are as eternal, divine, and intricately connected to one another and all that is. The fifth dimension is where we step into our true nature, beyond the fear that has kept us small, afraid, and fighting one another.

To start to imagine a 5D world we can ask ourselves:

  • If we each practiced love, kindness, and compassion even just 20% more than we do now, what might change?

  • What could the world be like if everyone saw themselves as worthy, wanted the best for others, cared for the planet, and carried peace in their hearts?

  • How might our society be different if we decided everyone's life and wellbeing was equally important and we shared responsibility for the state of our world?

The only thing holding us back from such a world is ourselves. While some teach that the fifth dimension will happen to or for humanity, such as through a solar flash or being saved by ETs, the teachings I resonate with say that we must choose it and actively create it. We aren't going to wake up one day to find ourselves in New Earth, where all our problems are solved and everyone is suddenly friendly, healthy, and happy. We will have our 5D world of greater love, compassion, and unity when we shift our consciousness into it. How quickly and smoothly that happens is up to us.

5D is a state of consciousness

The fifth dimension is not a physical place we travel to. It is a state of consciousness and a perception that resides within (or perhaps emerges from) a given band of frequency (think of it like radio waves). Like a radio station, when we are tuned to that frequency band, we experience the music compatible with that station. Also like a radio, we have the ability to change stations to hear something different. As we change stations and align to different frequencies, our experience of reality changes.

3D thinking produces a 3D experience, while 5D thinking produces a 5D experience.

From an expanded level of consciousness, you elevate your thoughts and energy to access a broader set of potentials and new experiences that are a match for the new frequencies you are pulsing out. It's kind of like moving up a level in a video game. It requires greater mastery but you also gain access to new realms, tools, and prizes that reside at higher frequencies, including more direct contact with higher dimensional civilizations. In 5D, all kinds of "more" is possible. More love, more peace, more abundance, more health, more happiness, more everything. There is always more.

I know that flies in the face of what most people believe and experience. It seems like a hard fact that there is only so much to go around, you often don't have what you want, and there are limits on what you can achieve. We can look around our world and see plenty of examples of people not having enough money, food, space, etc. However, going back to the mirroring principle, this is because our human collective has largely bought into 3D concepts of lack, limitation, and separation. They are beliefs born of fundamental misunderstandings of how the universe works and the nature of reality. Lack and limitation can be true for you if you believe in them, but that doesn't make them real and true for someone else or an accurate representation of reality.

We are eternal beings of light

OK, so, what the F is real then?! Here's my take based on what I've learned. I'll tell you a little story…

In the beginning (really there is no beginning or end, but bear with me), there was a force of pure love energy. You can call it Source, Spirit, Universe, God, or any other word that represents that creative power to you. Source dispersed its own energy to create all of us, all of those we call extraterrestrials, and everything else in existence, so that it could have an experience of itself in endless forms. As aspects of Source, we are energy with consciousness, where consciousness is the awareness of the Source that we are.

Though beyond our human perception, we are eternal beings, existing beyond time and space in a non-physical state as pure consciousness. Like our creator, we dispersed our energy to have a multitude of experiences across different dimensions and planes of existence. We cast our consciousness here and there for the thrill and joy of creation, evolution, and expansion. The particular experience of the consciousness reading these words is that of human on Earth. The original aspect of us, sometimes called higher self or soul, focused its energy into material form to have this human experience. This is one of many simultaneous incarnations or soul expressions. That is how powerful we are.

What makes the human experience different and exciting (as well as challenging) is that we focused our energy into a density within the third dimension that gives us amnesia as to the eternal creator beings that we are. We enter a plane of existence of limited perception, where we identify with the humanness of our experience, as opposed to our limitless divine nature. The third dimensional perception is characterized by polarity (black vs. white, good vs. bad, right vs. wrong), judgment, doubt, and fear. So much fear. These have been the conditions for war, inequality, manipulation, and control.

The process of awakening or ascending to 5D is coming into awareness of ourselves as divine, eternal, and multidimensional energetic beings.

It is seeing ourselves as limitless in an infinitely expanding sea of energy, knowing that we are the architects and builders of our reality. Coming into this awareness causes the fear to fall away because we understand our life is just a perception of an experience, not something that can destroy us or we can be judged and punished for. Our human bodies expire but our consciousness, complete with our personality, memories, and insights lives on. But the illusion of our materiality doesn't make our lives meaningless. The meaning is in the journey, the personal growth, and the delight of perceiving a tactile human experience. How beautiful, joyous, and abundant our lives are is a matter of consciousness, which is fully determined by each of us. Through consciousness, anything and everything is possible.

Awakening to 5D

I know thinking about 5D can seem like a colossal waste of time when you're being crushed by 3D reality. So this might come as bad news, but consciousness truly is the only way out. Like Homer Simpson once said about alcohol, consciousness is the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. When we shift our consciousness, elevate our frequency, and start thinking new thoughts and making different choices, our reality changes. It has to. Again, the outside is always a reflection of what's going on inside.

This is actually fantastic news. It's a gamechanger. Everything you need for a happy, fulfilling, and beautiful life is already within you as potential, just waiting to be called forth.

To quote the Council channeled by Sara Landon, "consciousness is what moves energy into form."

Consciousness, as expressed in the way we think and act, is what creates our physical reality. Because we have the freedom to choose how we think and act, we have the power to change anything about our lives. Anything. It's all just energy, which is in infinite supply and can take infinite form. If you can think it, you can experience it.

In more good news, we are being helped in our transition to 5D by supportive energies engulfing our planet. Scientists recognize that our solar system moves through space. Starting in 2012, Earth began intersecting an area of space with high photonic energy — 5D energies. These energies are like wind to a sailboat, getting energy moving faster and propelling it forward. The changes this brings are profound, including quicker manifestations, deeper insights, and more and more people asking questions and waking up.

As part of this shift into higher consciousness, we can perceive things previously hidden from us, be that government deception or multidimensional phenomena. Fifth dimensional energies shine a light on what's been in the dark, bringing a clarity of vision and grander perspective. That is part of what makes the transition from 3D to 5D so messy and difficult. All the stuff we didn't know about or want to think about — personally and collectively — is rising to the surface so we can see it and make a choice. Is this what I want for my life? For our world?

The manifestation of love is peace

5D is our human promise and human potential, though it certainly doesn't stop there. 5D is a stage of our natural progression from duality and polarity into unity. It may sound like some woo-woo spiritual concept but it is happening with or without us. The 5D energies are here. We can either cooperate with them and leverage them to create a life and world we love or we can resist them, which is largely what is playing out right now in the world. In case you haven't noticed, it's not pretty.

I have decided to be all-in on 5D. I'm still evolving and have things I'm resolving, but I'm using these energies to further transform. When challenged or upset, I ask myself, "What would be a 5D way of looking at this?" or "What would 5D Carolyn do next?" These questions shift me out of old 3D mental habits rooted in fear and scarcity and into the realm of possibility.

The time I spend in 5D makes me smile. When I am aligned with the energies of love and joy, I feel at peace. Things are in the flow with synchronicities guiding the way, making everything easy, effortless, and harmonious. Colors seem brighter, animals come closer, and people are warmer and more helpful. Opportunities seem to come out of the blue. And I can see the higher intelligence and divine orchestration at play in all things, which is comforting, awe-inspiring, and occasionally hilarious.

As I have released my limiting beliefs and trained my brain to reach for the most loving perspective that brings the greatest compassion and understanding, my life has only gotten better. It isn't always gumdrops, roses, and whiskers on kittens, but as I acclimate to 5D thinking and being, things that used to throw me for a loop are but a blip.

To see with 5D eyes is to see everyone around me as Source itself, here to share a human experience, just like me.

With that understanding, so much of the anger, anxiety, and contempt I used to feel simply fell away. They are no longer part of my experience. These kinds of things may continue to exist in the third dimension but those of us who move into the fifth won’t be there to see it. We'll be busy creating our badass world of love, kindness, and harmony.


Check out my YouTube channel for video excerpts of my webinar, "How to Think in 5D."

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