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Why I Seek ET Contact

This deep longing is the anticipation of reunion and the realization that we have never been alone.

Photo by Sean Parker on Unsplash

If you asked me a few years ago whether I would consider it fun to sit out in the dark looking for UFOs, I would have answered you in the negative, probably with an expletive. I put aliens in the same terrifying realm as ghosts and demons — definitely not something I would purposely seek out. But something has since changed in me. In my heart awakened a longing that draws me outside to stare at the sky. I don’t fully understand it or know what to do with it, but it is there like a beacon calling me home. The best way I can describe the mysterious yearning of my soul is as a memory of something that seems to be missing. It is like reading a book from the library and discovering that a whole chapter has been ripped out. A crucial part of our human story is not there. Yet there is also a part of me, accessible in the still and quiet, that knows what is written in those missing pages. My yearning is not a wish for something I have never experienced, but an invitation to remember what I have always intuitively known — I am, and we are, part of something infinitely more wondrous, profound, and populated than we have dared to imagine.

Craving connection

In November 2020, I was on a dark ridge in Sedona, Arizona with night vision goggles and the desire to be amazed. I saw many lights in the sky that night that could not be readily explained by planes, satellites, stars, or anything else of human design or knowledge. There was one object, slowly traversing the sky, that stood out by how it seemed to see or sense me. With bated breath, my mind asked for a sign and my laser pointer flashed a pattern — short-short-long…short-short-long. The object powered up, filling my goggles with green light. I screamed with sheer delight and awe. Like a child on a sugar rush, I asked in my mind for them to power up again and then again. They did, two more times, before accelerating and disappearing into the night. This was not a coincidence. Inside that object up in space was someone or something who heard me and responded to my request.

In that moment the vast distances between us closed and we were in connection and communication, sharing an experience that superseded human logic.

“I love you!” I blurted out with my neck bent skyward. I didn’t know exactly who I was loving, what they looked like, where they were from, or why they were here. Those details didn’t matter. In being acknowledged by them, my heart felt like it grew five times larger, sending waves of love throughout my body and the space around me. My eyes filled with tears. Suddenly, the longing in my heart made sense. Part of what UFOs, ETs, and other multidimensional phenomena have come to represent for me is a shared bond of existence and communal experience of wonder, where anything is possible. To me, the idea that we are all part of a massive web of eternally expanding consciousness is a supremely benevolent and reassuring thought. What other than love could be powerful enough to hold the fabric of existence together? Perhaps that is all that energy really is and emanates from.

Rewriting the future

ETs visiting Earth offer proof of a mesmerizing reality that extends so far beyond our limited human thinking. When we acknowledge that we are not alone in the cosmos and that the potential exists for reciprocal relationships with other civilizations, whole new avenues of possibility and inquiry open up to us, along with the evolving consciousness that will bring us new answers. We start to experience ourselves in a new way that better reflects who we really are beyond our human vessels. Within my yearning is the desire for old restrictive versions of reality to be replaced by unlimited potential. That potential doesn’t just explore space, give us free energy, or ramp up our psychic abilities. It plants the seeds for a new kind of society here on Earth based on what our hearts so deeply desire— cooperation, community, and concern and compassion for others. It turns away from the structures of control that have led to war, hate, division, and fear, in favor of higher consciousness living that sees through the lies and is no longer afraid.

The coming, inevitable revelations of the ET presence are an invitation to embrace the idea that there is so much more available to us, individually and collectively. It is an opportunity to really ponder what it is that we are a part of and reconsider where we come from and why we are here.

I think we will see that our story is not separate from theirs — that they are written into those missing pages of our human history, just as we are written into theirs.

But beyond our past, what is the story we want to write for our future? For those of us lucky enough to be alive right now, what yearnings do we want to draw to us?

What visions do we seek to make manifest?

How we meet the challenge and turmoil of a world discovering beyond doubt that things were not as they seemed is the great dilemma of our time. It is a choice we will all have to make. We can choose to have courage in the face of massive change and conviction to hold the promise of our potential. Or we can decide to stay chained to the old reality, allowing those who want to preserve their power and control to dominate the narrative and deny us our better future.

For me, the choice is clear. The longing in my heart is the anticipation of reunion and the realization that we have never been alone. It is the seeking of a fuller and richer experience and knowledge of myself, not just as human but as belonging to something much bigger. I am ready for a brighter and bolder reality that includes relationships with our galactic friends and families. Are you?


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