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You Can Be Happy and Healed

How Integrated Wellness Creates Health at the Highest Level.

The moment you start feeling whole, your healing begins. ~Dr. Joe Dispenza

No matter what has happened up to this point, you can be happy and healed. You can live the rest of your life in the natural state of balance, harmony, and vitality that defines wellness. Not only will you be well in body, with all systems optimally performing, but you will feel good in heart, mind, and soul because that is where true health originates.

The medical profession now accepts that overall emotional and mental health is directly linked to physical health. As stated by author and founder of the Body Mirror System of Healing, Martin Brofman, "a happy person is a healthy person." We are used to thinking of it the other way around, where someone might say, "I would be happy if I was healthy." But physical health begins in our consciousness through our state of mind, which influences our emotions.

Integrated wellness says that what shows up as injury, illness, or disease in our physical bodies is the end product of misunderstandings and misperceptions that start in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves--our beliefs--and cascade through our mind, emotions, and energetic body. As such, illness represents a conflict between a limited, wounded view of ourselves and the truth of who and what we really are as energy with consciousness--eternal, free, and limitless--having a human experience.

This conflict creates tension and imbalances that cause deviations from our pristine body blueprint and natural state of health, thereby suppressing our immune system and making us susceptible to illness. Physical and psychological symptoms are our consciousness' way of sending us a message that something is amiss at a higher, deeper level and change is needed. We are healed when we change our way of being such that there is no longer any need to get our attention through being hurt or sick. All illness or emotional discomfort is an invitation to step back into our power...and stay there.

You are multidimensional

The good news is that anything can be healed. We all have the power to change what we experience in our lives for the better, including curing what some may say is incurable, as Brofman can personally attest.

Fortunately, there is usually a lag between holding fears, negative beliefs, and wounds and major physical problems. It's not like the fleeting thought of "I suck at life!" after spilling your Starbucks down your shirt will put you on death's door. A belief, which is really an expression of energy (technically a frequency measured as a vibration), must be held for some duration before it has sufficient power to cause illness. For some people, it could be years, decades, or possibly never. One thing to keep in mind is that we are a constantly shifting blend of frequencies. While lower frequencies like shame, fear, and anger will dampen your overall frequency, if they aren't allowed to dominate, they may be somewhat counteracted by higher frequencies like courage, love, and peace.

Model of Frequency Scale of Emotions

(Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force)

An injury or illness may appear to be sudden but it has its roots in deeper patterns of imbalance. For example, maybe you work too much because you have a fear of there not being enough. Or maybe you sabotage your relationships because you believe no one could love you enough to stay with you. Or perhaps you avoid talking about how you really feel because you worry you'll be judged or rejected. Over time, these habits of self-doubt and self-deprecation, many of which may not be visible to others, can block the free flow of energy throughout the body and lead to problems.

In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber presents a multidimensional model of human anatomy. Like many ancients before him, he suggests that we are made up of a series of subtle (and invisible to most people) energy bodies representing different frequency ranges going from lighter and faster to denser and slower that are superimposed on our physical body. Note that there are variations across models but all speak to layered energetic fields.

Multidimensional Model of Human Anatomy

(Dr. David Gerber, Vibrational Medicine)

Our consciousness or higher self resides at the highest (fastest) frequencies and represents that original light of the divine, where perfect health is a given. The next subtle body is our mental body, which is where beliefs and patterns of thinking are born and sent to the brain. As alluded to above, what you believe creates your world. Usually, the mental body is a cluster of clouds darkening and obscuring the otherwise brilliant sky of our consciousness, which makes the mental body the root cause of imbalance.

Then there is the emotional body, which is where beliefs are felt and where the resulting emotional responses are held and transmitted to the body as physical sensation. It could be that excited rapid fluttering of your heart or the sinking feeling of dread in your gut or tightness in your chest. Emotions can act as fuel for your creations, meaning they will amplify whatever you are thinking. On the other hand, studies show that repressing emotions suppresses the immune system, making you more vulnerable to a variety of illnesses ranging from common colds to cancer.

The next band of frequency is the etheric body, which holds the holographic energy template that guides, supports, and energizes the growth and development (and decay) of the physical body. It contains the core coding of health that the body is always trying to revert back to. Someone who can see the body's aura as a thin band of energy around the body is likely seeing the etheric field.

The densest expression of our energy is our physical body. It is important to remember that bodies are matter (i.e. frozen light) and matter comes from frequency, bringing it all back to energy. According to Chinese medicine, the meridian system serves as the interface between the etheric and physical bodies, supplying nutritive chi energies to organs. Similarly, each energetic body has a system of chakras (or energy centers), which bring the flow of higher energies into the physical cellular structure. When the flow of energy is weakened or blocked by what we would consider negative thoughts or emotions, the body falls out of balance and illness can emerge.

While there are tendencies for certain beliefs and blockages to manifest as certain types of illness based on the associated chakras and their connection to different physiological systems (e.g. digestive, circulatory, respiratory, etc), when we heal at the highest levels of causation, any symptom can be released, whether we conclusively link it back to a specific belief or not.

Healing begins with balance

Healing is a return to our natural balanced state of wholeness. We restore balance by releasing energetic blockages, clearing mental and emotional disturbances, distortions, and misperceptions, and choosing a new way of being rooted in higher consciousness. This absolutely can be a solo act, and actually, all healing is enacted by us individually. However, many people find a quicker and easier path to their own healing when they have outside support.

There are many different healing modalities but what a healer fundamentally does is transmit and move energy. The healer offers higher frequencies for the client to align to, resulting in a positive vibrational shift to frequencies incompatible with disease. It is like giving the body a note to tune itself to or a boost to reach that higher shelf. The healer is focusing and directing energy to facilitate a rebalancing of the energy field and encouraging the free flow of energy. Brofman states:

During a healing, when the energy field is being repaired and rebalanced, the consciousness and the physical body will come into a new state of balance with the new configuration of energy, and the tensions and their related symptoms will be able to be released.

Following the model of multidimensional human anatomy, the most effective treatments are those that take an integrated approach to wellness and target the primary causes of imbalance. As previously discussed, this brings us back to beliefs. The cornerstone of integrated wellness is correcting for and letting go of the things that throw us off balance and stifle the flow of energy through our bodies, starting with how we talk to ourselves about ourselves and what we believe to be true about the world.

Often, we see that an out-of-balance condition has at its root a perception of lack of love. Either we feel unloved, unlovable, or afraid that the love we have will be taken away and we'll end up alone. In all of these cases, we are placing our peace, happiness, and health in the hands of other people instead of embracing the wholeness of who we are. According to Dr. Gerber, because the heart chakra is linked to the thymus gland, which plays an important role in immune function, lack of self-love can result in immuno-suppression that opens the gate to a range of illnesses. A heart that is closed off to love is closed off from health.

This is where we see the positive value of transformational coaching as a healing art. Transformational coaching connects you to who and what you really are and empowers you to make the changes that will create a life you love. It addresses the mental body by elevating your perspective above what is challenging, limiting, and intimidating you, the emotional body by helping to see what has caused you emotional pain in a more neutral way and healing it, and the energetic body by enhancing the awareness of how you are feeling in the moment so you can course correct. Transformational coaching also teaches how to maintain and master higher consciousness living to stay happy and healthy.

Other modalities include light and sound therapy for brain balancing and neural reset, relaxation and restoration, and insight through opening to the energies of your higher self. There is also hands-on healing, which infuses the person with supportive energies that assist the mind and body to heal and rebalance itself. Sessions may include visualization exercises, deep breathing, chakra clearing and balancing, light and sound therapy, and coaching. Reiki, acupuncture, Qi gong, and flower essences are other forms of restoring balance through energetic healing. What is the best fit for someone is a personal preference and likely a product of experimenting with different people and approaches, which certainly could include conventional Western medicine.

Integrated wellness is the power of you

When we accept that we are the ones creating the conditions for illness in our own bodies (albeit obviously without consciously wanting to be sick), we claim our power to heal. A healer may facilitate and accelerate healing, but no one can really take credit for the healing that happens in another's body (or be blamed if healing doesn't happen). It is an inside job. This is why it is so important for the person seeking healing to be all-in. All of the positive intentions and skill of the healer will be for naught if the client doesn't truly want to heal or believe healing is possible. Brofman states:

It is not necessary to actually believe in what is happening, or in the structure of the healer’s reality, but just to not get in the way of it. The important thing is to leave a door open for positive possibilities.

This is why sessions typically start with affirming that healing is wanted, the person is ready for that change to happen now, and he or she believes in the potential to be fully healed. Coaching can be useful as part of the session, or as a standalone service, to uncover hidden ways a person may be holding onto illness. For example, someone who tends to feel neglected or unimportant may perceive that the illness brings them greater care and attention. Thus, in their conscious or subconscious mind, healing might cost them something that they like, whether it is something they get or avoid.

This is not to blame someone for being sick or label them as bad or miserable, nor serve as a reason to withhold compassion. It is to empower them to let go of the way of thinking and being that gave rise to the symptoms so they can live a happy, healthy life. Dr. Joe Dispenza says:

When our behaviors match our intentions, when our actions are equal to our thoughts, when our minds and our bodies are working together, when our words and our deeds are aligned, there is an immense power behind any individual.

That power is ours to change anything about our lives, including our physical health. We all must decide for ourselves what we want to be true in our reality. We can choose to want to delight in our bodies and have energy for whatever we want to do. We can choose to age gracefully and leave the body peacefully and without pain. Or we can argue for our limitations, believing we are the victims of what we see as happening to us.

Whatever we want, we need to focus our energy and attention there and take actions consistent with it, leaving behind the thoughts and emotions that keep recreating the past. As is taught in holistic medicine, you don't heal by concentrating on and lamenting your woes and illnesses. You heal by living and seeing yourself as if you already are all that you want, taking care of yourself, and doing the things that bring you joy. When you engage in what brings you joy, you are affirming the belief that you are worthy and generating a high frequency that the body can use for healing. To the extent that someone stays in the higher frequencies, they will continue to see things and take actions in the new way, and remain symptom-free.

For the love of happiness

Integrated wellness leaves no room for illness. It is a comprehensive approach to restoring and maintaining the body's natural state of health and happiness so you can get the most out of your life. The key is letting go of the things that throw you off balance and hamper the flow of energy through your body, starting with how you love yourself.

When you are happy and in a state of self-love, your body functions in perfect harmony - it realigns to its native blueprint of health. Love is that balance the body is always seeking to return to. Love is the glue that holds everything together and the power behind creation, including our power to manifest what we want.

As such, we don't just heal and transform to avoid illness. Health is a byproduct of deeply enjoying, appreciating, and making the best of our human experience. We do the work of releasing our fears, dramas, and traumas because what is left is peace, joy, and the fun and excitement of creating an amazing life.

So why wait for a disease or diagnosis to motivate you to change? Why let it come to that form of message? We all have the power in every moment to come home to consciousness and shift our life experience away from repeated patterns of fear and stress and toward the happiness available to us all. We can all be happy and healed.


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