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Transformational coaching,
psychedelic light therapy &
sound healing

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Welcome! I'm Carolyn.

I'm a transformational coach who helps change-seekers create a life they love through transforming their thinking and claiming their power.

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I am so excited for the adventure that awaits you!

If you feel that stirring inside you calling you to more, trust that it is an

invitation from you to you to step into your brightest light.


That longing is a sign that you are ready to expand beyond your old stories and reclaim your power as the writer of your life's script.

How will you fill those delicious blank pages? 


It's ok if you aren't sure where to find the meaning that will fulfill you.

It's normal if you shrink your dreams because you fear disappointment.

It's natural to feel lost and scared at letting go of what has defined you.

It's reasonable to be uncomfortable in the face of the unknown.


I've been there. But I didn't stay there. And you don't have to either.

As a transformational coach, I support you in illuminating the

inner wisdom, clarity, and courage that will empower you to 

show up as your whole, true self in all you do and

create a life you love. 

Are you ready for a new way of thinking and being that brings

greater peace, joy, and fulfillment to your life?


Let's talk about how I can support you.

I offer free 30-minute consultations.


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Expand and awaken with coaching programs that accelerate and amplify your growth, bringing you to

new levels of peace & joy.

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Restore your natural state of balance & wellness through

light & sound healing.


Explore topical video courses to deepen your spiritual understanding and learn to thrive in your daily life.

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Find your next nugget of wisdom, as I share tips, tools, and fresh perspectives for living an awakened life.

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Working with Carolyn has been illuminating, transformative, and a blessing. She helped by asking important questions and pointing out blind spots, so I could adjust my focus and zoom out to see the big picture. Carolyn helped me become clearer on where I wanted to go and create a map to get there. She also has a generous heart with the ability to see the innate good in me and emphasize that, while not letting me off the hook to do the work I came to her to do.

Deirdre H.

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10 Practices to Connect to Your Inner Guide

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