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Harmonic Healing Sound Bath

Restore your body's pattern of perfection

Service Description

Bathe in the healing frequencies of sound! Health is the restoration of balance and harmony to the body. Sound is increasingly recognized as one of the most powerful healing modalities because of its ability to restructure our cells. We know through the science of cymatics that harmonic sounds organize matter (including water) into complex, beautiful geometric patterns. When you count the body molecule by molecule, we are over 99% water. “As we’re immersed in a musical environment, those beautiful, harmonious sounds are now literally organizing the countless water molecules in your body into great beauty. And again, this has medical implications. It’s not just pretty patterns or pretty organization; there are medical benefits to this.” - John Stuart Reid Our private individual or group harmonic healing sessions use an array of crystal bowls, gongs, drums, and other instruments to immerse the body in harmonics and overtones that stimulate the body's natural healing response. We may include humming and toning, as nothing is more healing than your own voice. You also benefit from the sounds of nature, including rhythmic flowing water, birds, and wind, which are known to calm the nervous system and restore balance. Sound bath sessions include: intention setting, brief meditation, ~45 minute sound bath, intuitive oracle reading, and gong-infused water. You are welcome to enjoy the property as you integrate your experience. Hug a 100+ year old tree, dance in the grass, wade (or plunge!) in the creek, or do whatever your spirit calls for. Hosted at a private meditation retreat in the Cherokee National Forest, next to a flowing creek and near the Appalachian Trail, Rising Light Studio offers clients a calm and peaceful nature setting that supports wellbeing. Sessions can be offered outside (weather-permitting) or inside the sanctuary (not suitable for groups). Sessions are typically 75 minutes and offered to individuals, couples, and groups.

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Explore the science of sound healing in the video below.

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