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Light and Sound Immersion

Enter the realm of healing and self-discovery

Service Description

The ultimate sensory experience! Embark on a transformative healing journey with a Light and Sound Immersion. This unique experience harnesses the power of light and sound to heal your energetic field, leading to repair and renewal in your mind, body, and spirit. Our private individual or group sessions pair psychedelic light therapy using roXiva Innovation's pulsing light technology with sound healing from an array of crystal bowls, gongs, drums, and other instruments. This is a safe, closed eye experience, where you have the option to lie down on our comfy cushions, recline in a zero-gravity chair, or sit upright in a chair. Sessions include: intention setting and coaching, brief meditation, ~50 minute light and sound bath, intuitive oracle reading, and gong-infused water. You are welcome to enjoy the property as you integrate your experience. Hug a 100+ year old tree, dance in the grass, wade (or plunge!) in the creek, or do whatever your spirit calls for. Light and sound sessions offer vibrational support that creates more complex sacred geometry at a cellular level. This restores and expands your energetic field, allowing for more light and life force energy and enabling you to sustain higher frequencies. This powerful modality is the future of medicine, now. Delighting you with psychedelic visuals, light therapy is also a gateway to altered states of consciousness. While immersed in light and sound, ride the waves of deep Theta relaxation to greater clarity, insight, and psychic communication. Travel beyond the material world to experience yourself as pure energy, connected to all that is. Each experience closes with an oracle card message. Hosted at a private meditation retreat in the Cherokee National Forest, next to a flowing creek and near the Appalachian Trail, Rising Light Studio offers clients a calm and peaceful nature setting that further supports wellbeing. Sessions can be offered outside (weather-permitting) or inside the sanctuary (not suitable for groups). Sessions are typically 90 minutes and are offered to individuals, couples, and groups. Custom sessions also available.

Learn more about psychedelic light therapy here.

Explore the science of sound healing in the video below.

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