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Psychedelic Light Meditation

with pre-recorded audio via headphones

Service Description

Psychedelic light meditation (also referred to as light therapy or brainwave entrainment) is a unique and immersive experience of light, color, and sound designed to awaken and support healing, self-discovery, and deep calm and relaxation. This approximately 60-minute session includes brief intention setting, ~40-45 minute light meditation with headphones, and oracle card message. Using a cutting-edge pulsing LED light made by roXiva Innovations, healing light frequencies gently guide the brain to deeply meditative brainwave states like alpha and theta where restoration, release, and clarity are more accessible. ​The light balances and harmonizes your brain, promoting whole-brain functioning and heart-brain coherence. As a result, this form of light therapy is being explored as treatment for disorders like ADHD, Alzheimer's, and insomnia, as well as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Delighting you with psychedelic visuals, light therapy is also a gateway to altered states of consciousness. While immersed in light and sound, ride the waves of deep Theta relaxation to greater clarity, insight, and psychic communication. Travel beyond the material world to experience yourself as pure energy, connected to all that is. In this meditative state, you also become more receptive to messages and visions from beyond the veil. Note - This service differs from the light and sound immersion, which has a live sound bath of gongs, drums, bowls, etc. The audio in this service is delivered via headphones.

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Explore the science of sound healing in the video below.

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