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It's Not About Good vs. Evil

Higher consciousness is the path to peace

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It is time to abandon the concepts of good and evil as relics of a dualistic and divisive worldview that is counter to peace. The problems of our world do not arise from evil, as if evil is some external force exerted upon our civilization to corrupt the human heart. Our problems are a product of our collective consciousness, which has languished for time immemorial in the denser frequencies of the third dimension.

Everything that we judge as “evil” is borne of our fears, pain, and a deep distrust of one another that leads us to want to control others. Everyone who we disparage as “evil” is a reflection of a society that devalues human life. There is no moral high ground for anyone to stand on. The solution is not to fight or destroy evil but to take responsibility for the world we’ve co-created—actively and complicitly—and evolve ourselves beyond it, starting with our own hearts and minds. We do that by understanding the role of consciousness in shaping our reality and focusing our thoughts and energy on a better world.

In that better world, the dichotomy of good and evil falls away because we understand that we are all divine, even in the face of the vilest deed. We don’t use terms like “evil” to dehumanize people or rationalize our own hypocritical abuse because we have compassion for the challenge of being human. Instead of seeking revenge, we offer rehabilitation and more enlightened (and effective) forms of justice. It may sound utopian and unattainable, but peace is the promise of our future—if we are willing to claim it.

The Scale of Consciousness

Make no mistake—horrible acts of brutality and atrocity happen in the world. Am I saying we should tolerate and accept such acts? Absolutely not. I’m saying we should see them for what they actually are and address them from that perspective.

Behaviors are the physical expression of frequency. The dominant frequency you dwell at is based on what you consistently believe about yourself and your place in the world. For example, if you see yourself as a victim, you are likely dwelling in a state of fear, anger, and resentment. You may feel powerless to change the circumstances of your life, as you blame outside forces for what you don’t like. That is the energetic signal that you are sending out into the field. It is what determines the reality you experience, how you behave, and what you are contributing to the human collective.

If we view consciousness as a scale, at the bottom are the denser, slower frequencies. According to Dr. David Hawkins, they are states of guilt, shame, and apathy, which I view as all manifestations of fear. They feel unpleasant, by design, because we aren’t intended to stay there. At the top are higher, faster frequencies infused with more light, like love, joy, and peace. Your frequency matters because you are always getting back the energetic essence of what you put out.

When you have a collective consciousness dominated by individuals wracked with fear and self-loathing, the external world will reflect that.

The converse is also true. If we want a peaceful world, we need to be at peace in our own lives.

Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force

Consciousness and manifestation are kind of like arcade prizes. The prize (i.e., experience) you receive depends on the number of tickets you win from playing the games. If you are unskilled and don’t score very well, you’ll be limited to the lowest reward tiers, like erasers and gum. Master the game and you access more and better prizes, with “better” just meaning things we enjoy more. While there is no winning or losing at life, at higher levels of consciousness, new possibilities of peace, harmony, and ingenuity open up because they are a match to higher frequencies. This is when life really gets good. Conversely, at lower levels of consciousness, we can expect things like hatred, violence, and division. That’s what you get when you cash in a lower frequency. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

See No Evil

We are not in a war of good vs. evil. To see it as such is to stay mired in dualistic, polarized, and confrontational ways of thinking steeped in religious programming, originating from the same ilk that are trying to divide and conquer us still. We are in a war of frequency, where those invested in lower frequencies are struggling to maintain control in the face of an awakening human collective (read: elevating human consciousness). We are witnessing the final moves of a giant chess game that has played out over millennia. A game the majority of us have had no idea we are playing. That is the real difference between those who run the world and those who scramble around in it. The ones in control understand frequency and the physics principles that create on this world.

Why do you think those secret societies are secret? They don’t want the general population to share in the knowledge of manifestation. They know that if they can keep us in those lower states of consciousness by manipulating us into being afraid, judgmental, hateful, and self-questioning, they can use us to create the reality they want. They can exploit our power to their own ends. When we look at “tragic” world events that terrify and divide us, there are always those hidden few who benefit. They entreat us to take sides, yet at the top there are no sides. That is the game they are playing, with corporate media as their messengers and pawns.

But it’s still not helpful to call them evil and cast stones. To judge and hate them is to feed them a frequency that maintains the status quo. They don’t care who you hate so long as you hate. Instead, higher consciousness understands that all expressions of frequency are valid and valuable.

Experiences aren’t judged as right or wrong, good or evil because they all serve expansion and evolution in some way at a soul level, no matter how dark.

For many on the planet right now, it is this darkness that is waking people up to wanting something new.

Think of it this way…If you are God, the Source of all things, might it be interesting and exciting to create a game that operates under the illusion of individuated consciousness, where each being descends into lower frequencies and forgets who they really are in order to play a character who is challenged into remembering? In an existence where all is known, might it be fun to play with the unknown and experiment with creation? As Source, why would you worry about exploration of a frequency? Why would you judge the freedom bestowed upon yourself? Being eternal, life isn’t a risk but an adventure. How might we approach others if we adopted this higher perspective?

Those who have agreed to play the villain or who are shackled by their own shadows are still God. There are no devils, demons, fallen, or forsaken. There is nothing that isn’t of God. There are just consciousnesses experiencing themselves and exercising choice through their divine free will. They are free to create just as you and I are. Whether you choose to go into resonance with (and be affected by) what they are creating is up to you. The moment you focus your energy on something higher, those lower experiences get further away energetically. They dwindle like a fire without oxygen or topple like a tower without a base.

What is no longer fed by frequency falls away.

As part of the collective, you may observe the chaos but it isn’t part of your direct experience. You are shifting your perspective to a different reality.

What Do We Want?

There will always be a place in existence for those lower frequencies because, again, they are part of the experiential journey and are not inherently bad or wrong, as much as they offend us. They show us what can happen when divine beings forget they are divine and fall into fear.

The question facing humanity now is what we want for our civilization on Earth. What is our preferred future? What choices do we want to make?

The only way beyond war, pain, and suffering is through higher consciousness. It is by leaving behind fear, judgment, and righteousness and embracing the divinity of all. In several sermons on loving your enemies, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. entreated his listeners to see the element of good in everyone, not that you may like them as friends but to love them as divine creations, made of the same original spark. He talked not of sentimental love, but of agape, which he defined as understanding and goodwill toward all. It is a love based on the interrelatedness of all life, an unconditional love “seeking to preserve and create community.”

As King preached, we dismantle systems, but we love the people caught up in them. We reject the manufacturing of sides. Doing otherwise, meeting hate with hate and force with force, only leads to a perpetuation of the old, divisive ways. Anger and outrage are what created our old world, not what will deliver us a new one. Instead, we can practice compassion and understanding, knowing how lost and misled someone must be to hurt other people. As we reach for compassion, we model the behavior we are inviting others into. We shine a light for them to follow.

The Love in Me Honors the Freedom in You

Change is not about putting on rose-colored glasses and singing Kumbaya. There is a big nasty mess on Planet Earth that needs to be addressed. Accountability is part of this. But the progress we make will be limited if we continue to fear and loathe one another, including reviling the puppet masters pulling the strings. Unless we move toward a more inclusive and optimistic view of humanity, change will be superficial and short-lived. What we need is a new view of humanity based on goodwill toward all. We can’t build a better world if we don’t believe all are worthy of it. We can’t help humanity if we hold it in contempt.

Thus, the biggest change originates in our own hearts. When we allow people their unique journeys and expressions, however misguided they look in our own eyes, we are extending them the same grace and understanding we want for ourselves. When we exhibit love and benevolence toward those posing as enemies and stand for peace, we are strengthening our collective will toward a more free and just world. We start to heal.

We don’t need a flawed moral doctrine of good and evil to create a better world. Love is the unifying and harmonizing force that lifts us above all that we want to leave behind. Not because it is morally “good” but because love is a higher and more powerful frequency. It is the truth of who we really are and the absence of fear. When more of us understand and act from the love we all are, our world will naturally and automatically start to reflect that love back to us in the form of greater peace and possibility. In that love, our human plight becomes our human potential.


I invite you to close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Focus on feeling peace inside you, perhaps imagining yourself on a quiet beach or mountain top. Feel into what peace feels like. Let that feeling fill you before sending it out as a bright white light to the world.

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